Wondering the city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a charismatic UNESCO city also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, surrounded by the famous medieval Old Town, massive stone walls and stunning landscapes. From the moment you’ll step into the city you’ll feel the magic. The city is an ideal getaway if your looking for romance, having fun with friends or if you want to sail over the blue sea.

This was not my first time in Croatia, so I already knew what I want to see and do, I came in the lovely company of my boyfriend, with much illusion of showing him why I was so impressed by this city. This is a very touristic place, but you’ll find many fabulous spots without too many visitors. There are plenty of things to do in Dubrovnik and many breathtaking natural wonders to explore, both in the city or very close to the city. I will share with you the highlights of this trip.


Well, first thing first! Dubrovnik. You’ll enter the city through the Pile Gate, where the first thing you’ll notice is the gift shops with more than a few centuries of business. It’s hard to keep your eyes on the road when there are so many beautiful buildings around. But don’t worry, here cars are not allowed, the alley is only for walking.

Central Dubrovnik is a jumbled mixture of Gothic and Renaissance churches, Venetian palazzos and carved fountains, mixed in with terrace restaurants inviting you to have a tasty ice cream (some of the tastiest) and delicious food. The atmosphere is so relaxed and is amazing getting lost in the small streets who hide so much history. Here most of the buildings date back to the Middle Ages, the Baroque, the Renaissance and form an incredibly romantic ensemble.

Another magnificet place to see is the beautiful bell tower. One of the many Dubrovnik’s buildings full of history and charm. It had been built in 1444 and many years later it was completely renovated. It’s valuable bronze figures can still be seen in the museum of Sponza Palace!

Witnessing some of the most impressive sunsets
A city full of flowers


There are many spots where you can enjoy dramatic views of Dubrovnik’s the surrounding landscape and the deep blue sea from countless viewpoints.

A great way to experience the city from another point of view is by cable car. This time I didn’t took the cable car, but at my first visit I did, so I can share with you my experience. The Dubrovnik cable car is working since 2010 and has been leading up to the approximately 400 meter high. The Mountain Srd is located behind the city, which means you’ll enjoy some fabulous views of Dubrovnik from above. If you want you can hike the mountain, but most of the people chose the easy way.

Wonderful streets full of charm

o l d t o w n P o r t

The Old Town Port is a very beautiful place to see in Dubrovnik. The harbor promenade is really charming, a place where you can enjoy a fantastic ambience during a walk. It is surrounded by restaurants with some of the tastiest and variated food and cafés who invite you to take a sightseeing break.

The entire port complex was planned and created in the 15th century by the Croatian master builder Paskoje Miličević. Today it is used most for fishing boats, small yachts and sailing boats. From here you can take a ferry for different tours, like to visit the island of Lokrum, sea excursion or just to feel the magic of sailing. We rented here a private speedboat to sail around the surrounding islands of Dubrovnik and witness a romantic sunset while cruising.

s a i l i n g i n D u b r o v n i k

Who hasn’t dreamt of sailing on blue waters? Well…Croatia is the perfect place to make magical memories  sailing on splendid turquoise waters while being amazed by the enchanting landscapes along the coast. I have to say that Croatia has some of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe and many archipelagos that are so stunning, that you need to see them in real life to believe it’s real.

Dubrovnik has many speedboats, catamarans, luxury motor yachts and sailing boats, so you’ll have where to chose from. Just take your pick on which type of boat you want and go sailing. We chose a private boat with captain included and we went to explore the waters of Adriatic Sea.

w a t c h a H e a v e n l y s u n s e t

We absolutely enjoyed sailing, we experienced truly enchanting moments, feeling a freedom like never before. This is for sure, an experience we’ll never forget. From our sailing boat, we could admire the coastline of Dubrovnik, the breathtaking landscape of the city and the small islands nearby, one of them is the famous island of Lokrum.

The natural environment was spectacular, completed by the blue sky, matched by the cobalt blue waters, this is indeed a very special perspective that shows the majesty of nature. We made a few stops to swim and fly drone because we couldn’t help it.

At the end of the trip we witnessed one of the most beautiful sunset in the world. I lived many sunsets in many different places in the world, but this time I had to witness the most spectacular light show that was next level. The peace, the tranquility of the water… such a romantic atmosphere.

Boat trips over blue seas


Before we leave Dubrovnik we wanted to have a nice beach day, so we looked for a less crowded beach and we found Sveti Jakov. You can reach it by car within around 30 minutes. You can take the bus for some of the way, but it won’t take you all the way to the beach, obviously. From the parking lot or the bus station, you have to take the path down to the water. You’ll need to walk around 15 minutes in order to get at the beach.

The walk is nice as you have to make your way through a protected nature park which is rich in wildlife, with the sea at your right. It’s quite impressive! It’s a positive side of being hard to get at (actually I don’t think is hard to get, but many people don’t like to walk too much), it’s that it’s not too crowded. This is a welcoming contrast to the busy life of Dubrovnik!

facilities and restaurants

There are no facilities here, no campgrounds, but this is the beauty of this unspoilt place, adding an exclusive feel of this little beach. A picture perfect beach indeed! Swimming here is amazing, the water is crystal clear, some of the cleanest waters I have swam in. We even have seen a bank of fish, who weren’t afraid of us at all, they were super friendly and curious.

It’s a rocky beach, so you have wear appropriate shoes, so bring them along. You can try cliff jumping if you dare, or take your snorkelling gear for some amazing underwater discoveries. The beach is a dazzling beach with marvellous views at the cliffs. The beach it is located near a small village, close to the airport, making it a great beach to spend the day before your flight home.

For me, Dubrovnik is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I like the mix of nature and buildings. Dubrovnik was better than I had expected. Is peaceful, it has stunning sunsets and delicious food. It’s hard not to fall in love with the blue sea, the mountains and the old city all mixed into one scenery. The only thing about Dubrovnik is that it gets easily overcrowded, but that is only in the city centre.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! Any suggestion or thoughts you have, feel free to share it in the comment area!

Happy travels ධ

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