The enchanting Dolomites of Italy

The Dolomites is perfect for outdoor explorations, to take awesome photos, star gazing, road trips, picnics and connect with the beauty of nature. To enjoy better the Dolomites, you should explore it by car, the truth is that driving in this beautiful region is an experience itself. We arranged a car rental before the arrival so we don’t lose time when we are there.

There is no bad season to visit it, this place is special any time of the year. If you’re not a big fun of hiking there are many incredible locations and sights quite close to the road and easily accessible. While you road trip you’ll discover heaps of amazing landscapes.


Lago di Braies is a mystical, fascinating lake in northern of Italy that is recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is one of the biggest lakes in the area and I would safely say, one of the most spectacular lakes in the world. This is a must when you visit the Dolomites.


There are plenty of activities to try when you are here. You can hike, swim or rent a traditional boat to have a nice ride on the crystal clear water. If you decide to swim you need to know that the water is freezing cold even in summer. Due to a heavy rain the boat wasn’t available the day we visited, so we couldn’t take the boat ride, but we took as many photos as possible. The lake is astonishingly photogenic making it perfect for some magnificent shots, so we spent our time taking some postcard-perfect of the surroundings.


What could be a better place to relax than nature. If you have enough time and the weather is clear you can have a nice picnic with some of the most mind-blowing views in the world. You can find a few picnic tables around the lake or just a nice spot on the sand.

Crystal clear waters


Lago di Braies is very easy accessible and we arrived here by car. The entry at the lake is free, you only have to pay the carpark which is 2€ before 7AM, 6€ from 7AM until 5PM and 4€ after 5PM. The lake is opened all year round, they are pet friendly in case you want to bring your furry friend for a walk. If you haven’t brought food, there’s a restaurant at the entrance serving all types of food, fresh and cold drinks.


If you plan to bring the drone in Lago di Braies, dreaming of capturing awesome aerial views, then I have a good news for you, flying drone here is allowed. Of course being respectful with nature, animals and people!

Impressive views


Any time you look for photos of the Dolomites, you’ll see many post card perfect place popping on your screen, there are many routes with scenic views. We found this spot on our way to Lago di Carezza. Well, this place is not very famous, but is full of charm. We took a walk through the little forest to explore and all we can hear was the sound of your footsteps walking on the grass.

Colourful flowers and picturesque forests


Lago di Carezza is another dazzling, super famous lake you should visit in the Dolomites. First thing you’ll notice is how calm it is and the amazing dark green colouring the waters and the beautiful mountain panorama in the background, creating a spectacular reflection in the lake. The entire lake is surrounded by a fence making it pretty obvious that is prohibited to swim in the lake! You’ll see many advertisements all around telling you not to swim.

That evening the nature played a lovely show, now it was fully covered in fog and you could’t see a meter in front of you and now it was clear and you could perfectly spot the snow on the pick of the mountains.. It was awesome! We had a great time here, admiring the beauty of this stunning alpine lake from many angles and flying the drone. Yes, here it is allowed to fly the drone. And the views are impressive.


The lake is easy to reach by car and is actually a pretty touristic place. You can leave the car at the nearby parking lot, where you’ll pay a fee for parking. This is a very touristic place so you have make the idea that there will be many people around. We arrived here late in the evening when most of the people were gone. It was just the 2 of us and at least 3-4 persons around. That’s how we could enjoy peacefully the place.

Landscape of mountain peaks


We took a little hike of 3-4 kilometres, you could’ve spend a whole day hiking with so many great things to do, but we didn’t had too much time. With all the little time we had, we enjoyed as much as we could the fairytale landscape. We where surrounded by dazzling views, beautiful wild flowers along the way and the mountain peaks stand out making the place picture perfect. There is no doubt this was a pretty spectacular hike in the area.

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