The fantastic Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is one of those places that are so beautiful that you need to see with your own eyes to believe. This is one of the dreamiest place I’ve seen in my life. The captivating blue waterfalls of Plitvice an absolute bliss.

We arrived in Jezercë late at night after a road trip from Dubrovnik. After a very short night with very little sleep we woke up to a rather peaceful and amazing landscape. It’s impossible not to feel relaxed and refreshed in this amazing scenery. When we arrived due to the dark it was not possible to see all the beauty around.

The national park has 16 lakes, all interconnected by many wooden footbridges, ferry and even a bus. The park is very well organised, you can choose your path around the lakes. Depending which route you decide to take you’ll need between 2 to 8 hours to complete a route. The park is huge and it’s home to diverse flora and fauna, including the rare European brown bear, but don’t be to scared, it’s very hard to spot a bear and they usually don’t come around in the areas with people.


If you ask me I think that any time of the year is great to visit the Park.

  • Autumn: is a nice season to visit beaches you get to see the leaves change and it transports you into that romantic and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Summer: if you prefer to visit in summer you have to get ready for the crowds, but you can enjoy the park with warm weather.
  • Winter: if you come in winter you need to be prepared for the cold.
  • Spring: it’s absolutely amazing to see the park when nature comes back to life.

swimming in the lakes

The clear waters invite you to swim, but keep your though because swimming in here it’s prohibited and I’m sure this is the reason why the water remains so pristine you can perfectly see the bottom. The water is crystal clear, with many cute ducks and small schools of fish.

Don’t forget to bring enough water with you, as even the shortest route will make you thirsty. I also recommend you to bring your own food because the food they sell in the park is not healthy and not appetising.

Walking along the park is like a fairytale. The surroundings are spectacular. There are thousands of plants and hundreds of species living in the park, a big part of the park is covered in dense forests. I mean this is any photographer dream. With so many trees around you’ll breath the freshest air. If you want to take a rest and just stare at the beauty around, there are many benches. We even took a boat ride, which was so peaceful and romantic.


You can do plenty of activities in the Plitvice and some of them are walking, hiking, cycling in the forest and even taking a boat ride. The boat ride was one of my favourite activities here. It’s very romantic and if you are here with your partner it´s very nice and charming.


You can’t fly drone in Plitvice Lakes National Park without a special approval. Don’t even try it unless you want to pay a fee or even go to jail. There are signs everywhere and I’m sure there are also hidden cameras. Even if they don’t have cameras, be respectful with nature!



Ticket prices depend on the season. In high season is way higher than in low season. The buses or ferries within the park are included in the ticket price. And if you wander when the park is more appealing, I think is beautiful no matter the season. You decide when is best for you to visit. In summer, as always the park is pretty crowded, but we arrived very early to avoid big crowds.

food and beverages

I highly recommend you to bring your own food because here at the park they have very limited options. There it is a restaurant between the route 1 and 2, but it has here unhealthy and very tasty options.


There are very few toilets all along the park so I recommend you to use it before to start the route. Both entrances have toilets and those are the only places where you can find in all the park.

I had a great experience visiting the Plitvice Lakes and if you come in low season, you can enjoy the place with less crowds this stunning mix of deep woodland and a chain of waterfalls. I hope I helped you to plan your trip to this magical place.

Kisses, Maddie ♡

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