Jordan: a magical land

I wanted to do this trip to celebrate my birthday and I couldn’t make better choice. My time in Jordan was epic. It’s impossible not to like Jordan with all the amazing things it offers. Jordan surprised me more than I was expecting, especially people’s hospitality, they have a way to make you feel good.

Here you can see many spectacular desert scenery, archaeological sites, friendly people, eat delicious food and there is always warm. I just love the diversity of the country. Now you are exploring the caves and tombs of beautiful Petra, then you float in the Dead Sea and then you are surrounded by camels in the desert.

A beautiful birthday


I’m pretty sure that Petra is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Jordan. It is one of the new 7 Wonders of the world and for all the right reasons! It is one of the most spectacular ancient cities I have ever seen! It was built by the Nabataeans and it was the centre point from which this civilisation managed trading routes between Damascus and Arabia.

In order to visit Petra, you have to get the Jordan Pass online before you arrive, this includes the cost of the visa and allows you to visit places like Wadi Rum, Petra and Jerash. If you haven’t got the pass before your arrival, you can also buy the ticket at the entry gate. For a one day visit the ticket price is 90 JD.

Because of circumstances we couldn’t control, we arrived late and we only had time to visit the Treasury, but our late arrival made it possible to visit it almost in solitude. Exploring the iconic scenery was simply magical, the place it’s even more beautiful in “real life”. We had a cup of tea with a few cats around while watching the spectacular Treasury buildings that look otherworldly making us dream of living in a movie fantasy.

Climbing up to enjoy awesome views
The Siq

This is a fantastic introduction to Petra. Walking through the long narrow Siq is where you begin to feel a real sense of awe for the place. This spectacular canyon is the main entrance to the city and also connects the city of Petra with the outside world. The Siq was used as water channels by the Nabateans to control the water supply into the city. I was totally amazed by the history and the beauty of this place, it’s awesome. I feel super grateful to have had the opportunity to visit such an impressive place.


Wadi Rum is a must see when you visit Jordan. It has some of the most impressive desert landscapes, rugged mountains, sweeping burnt orange dunes and wild roaming camels. The best way to move around the desert is to rent a 4×4 jeep tour. We booked a private tour directly from our hotel. The tour includes the guide too. It’s very important to have a guide because the desert is a huge and there are many beautiful spots we don’t know about, he will show the best ones and will tell you many interesting facts about this amazing desert.

It totally worth booking a private tour because we had the freedom to see only what we wanted and we stoped at places we liked, giving us all the time we needed to wander around the valleys . My advice is to talk to your guide about what would you like to visit before the trip and he will know how to organise the trip.

The landscape turned into rock formations

Wadi Rum is pretty impressive, no wander they made so many movies here, the places is quite inspiring. It’s amazing how quickly the landscape is changing into another world. For some reason, any time I visit a desert I feel like I’m on another planet. The views here were like the photos NASA shares from Mars. Such a great feeling to walk on sand dunes and experience the silence of the desert. So peaceful and relaxing!


Aqaba is a vibrant city on the Red Sea. It’s one of the most popular destinations in the country being famous for its spectacular biodiverse diving sites. Being located between the continents of Africa and Asia it gives impressive views of Egypt and Israel, I mean you can see the countries with the naked eye.

Aqaba is perfect if you want to relax and sunbath, the weather is warm all year round. We visited in January and I used summer dresses. The water is so calm, a little bit chilly in January, but not very bad and the best of all, is that it has corals. The corals were protected by a fence because it seems that people were stepping on, destroying them. With all that, the reef was in a pretty good shape, full of colours and amazingly beautiful. If you want to see more corals or fish you have to dive, deeper in the sea it’s even more impressive.

Sinai mountains can be seen in the background

Sunsets are a must in Aqaba. Here I witnessed one of the most breathtaking sunsets. The light starts to change from red to purple, then orange and finally you can spot the first stars. The mountains are starting to lose in the nighty grey and black colours. The serenity and magic of the dusk is a magical experience. You just have to sit down at the beach and and let the beauty of nature overwhelm you.


The Dead Sea is 430 metres below sea level, being the lowest point on Earth and contains an extraordinarily high level of salt, it’s 8 times saltier than the average ocean. Here you can’t snorkel or dive in and there’s no marine life neither, nor should you submerge your head underwater.

Floating in the Dead Sea is unlike any swim you’ve ever experienced, it unique. You’ll stay more on top of the water than in it. It’s a strange feeling but awesome at the same time. A few things before you go floating in the Dead Sea:

  • try not to stay more than 20 minutes in the water
  • right after you get out of the water take a shower
  • make sure you have no wounds
  • don’t shave at least 48 hours before the swim
  • don’t bring your best swimsuit
  • keep your chin up and don’t wet your eyes

The access at the beaches is possible if you stay at a hotel, here at the Dead Sea you have little choice. We booked a nice hotel with a fabulous swimming pool, nice room and a fine sandy beach on the Dead Sea. You shouldn’t miss the sunset! It’s absolutely amazing to float in the Dead Sea and witness a heavenly sunset!

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