Praslin travel guide

Moving between islands in the Seychelles is pretty easy, you may choose to go by ferry or by airplane. If you decide for a ferry, you can take a speed ferry that run between the main island, Mahé and Praslin, that take about 50 minutes. Or if you opt for a flight, there are plenty of flights, but will cost a bit more and the flight it will only be about 15 minutes.

We took a tiny airplane with AirSeychelles from Mahé. If you want you can book in advance or right at the airport. We booked the flight at the airport as there are many flights during the day. In one hour you can chose from 3-4 flights. Be careful if you bring too much luggage, as AirSeychelles has hard limits on luggage weight.

Praslin is incredibly beautiful and there are heaps of things to keep you occupied. They told us that only here you can find the rare Coco de Mer in Seychelles! Beside being so rare Coco de Mer is special also because the tree produces the world’s largest seed and palm flower, it takes 50 years to mature and the seed, or “double coconut” takes seven years to grow. Quite impressive no?

Praslin it’s pretty easy to move around. The local bus is a cheap and efficient way to go anywhere, which I highly recommend. It runs from 5 AM to 9 PM on most routes. Many people on the island speak perfect English, so it’s easy to ask for advice or recommendations. You can move around by bike if you want to, it depends on your time or mood. There are many wonderful spots, the bike is a great way to enjoy a little bit more the beauty of the island. Here are a few fabulous beaches I recommend you to visit:

  • Anse Georgette
  • Anse Lazio
  • Cote d’Or Beach


Anse Georgette beach it is known for it’s untouched and pristine beauty with breathtaking views. It’s also one of the few calm beaches in Praslin making it perfect for swimming or snorkelling. Before coming here you should know that Anse Georgette is not a private beach and the easiest access point is through the Constance Lemuria Resort. But you don’t have to be a guest staying at the resort to access it, just ask for permission before to visit.

Being only a visitor of the beach you have to call the resort and reserve a visitation as only 30 non guests are allowed on the beach. The restricted access is what makes this spot perfect for romantic getaways and it’s kipping it away from big crowds. Because it’s so close to the resort, flying drone here is not possible.

The beach is not protected by coral reefs, but the tides of this beach are normal and small tides. That day the waves where petty big and not ideal for swimming, but the beach is also perfect for picnicking, so we had a nice picnic under the palms with fresh fruits bought from locals and we drank coconut coconuts served right at our sunbathing spot with a straw and a hibiscus flower. We took tons of photos of course. But something special made this day memorable. We were super lucky and a few dolphins came very close to the shore, they were super playful and made us laugh a lot. I mean.. what could made this day better!

Drinking a tasty coconut
It’s truly amazing


Anse Lazio beach is a must see while you are in Praslin. A tropical beach that looks like a postcard. Inanely turquoise water with soft white sands, boulder strewn areas and the backdrop of lush green tropical trees, it’s the most picturesque setting. Anse Lazio is ranked as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and it deserve this title.

The beach is not very crowded, when we’ve been there were only around 10 people, anyway the beach is huge, so it’s place for everyone. This is the most impressive beach you’ll find anywhere. We couldn’t spend too much time here as it started to rain heavily. With all that we had enough time to explore it a little bit.


Cote d’or Beach is worth a visit while you are in Praslin. Here you’ll witness delightful scenes and lush greens all over you look. The scenic views of this place and gorgeous colours of the surroundings make the beach perfect for some fabulous shots, great swim and just relax.

This beach is a little bit touristy, but don’t worry, here you can find many quiet spots. On the other side of the road are plenty of local shops, cafés, and restaurants offering delicious Creole cuisine. This great beach it’s creating a great balance between relaxing island life and modern busy life.

crazy bus rides

Hold on to your seat, because here in Praslin the bus drivers move like fast and furious on the coastal road and makes an abrupt break at blind curves! This is crazy! Sometimes makes your heart skip a beat. You’ll have the ride of your life. Anyway it was fun somehow, we don’t get to have this crazy rides anywhere in the world. Not even Italy. Hahaahh!

thoughts about Seychelles

I loved everything about the Seychelles. The sparkling waters of the warm ocean, the peace, the romantic atmosphere. It was so quiet and peaceful even with so many people around, sometimes. I loved the night walks at the beach where we could hear only the sound of the ocean. The tasty dinners out at cosy restaurants. The friendly people that are always in a good mood and ready to help. This trip was pure bliss!

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