A postcard island : La Digue

La Digue is one of the most stunning place I have ever seen. The island is tiny, but is one of the most popular islands in Seychelles. We spent only one day and we didn’t get to see everything we wanted as it rained almost all day, but we loved it anyway. We came here from Praslin by ferry. The trip takes only 15 min and costs 15 EUR.

In la Digue are no cars so the only option to move around is by bike or on foot, which is not bad at all, cause you can enjoy better the beauty that surrounds you. We couldn’t get into the water that day not only because of the rain but the waves were pretty big too. With all that we were just happy to be there and enjoy this little paradise.


I’m still in disbelief a place like this exists. I just loved the relaxing vibe, the nature, everything. This is paradise on Earth. I am talking about pristine white sand beaches lined with beautiful tall palm trees, many species of birds, warm hospitality, nearly untouched nature, serenity and of course the clearest blue water you will ever lay your eyes on. It’s a blissful feeling.

The beaches are tiny, but there are quite a few, they are separated by the granite rocks, which is quite nice, you get to have the beach only for you. You just have to walk thru the little jungle to look for one you like. We had a pretty lovely morning, it was peaceful and beautiful at every corner. I wanted to explore as much as I could and as much as the weather allowed us.


This was our last stop in la Digue. After 20 minutes of bike ride we arrived at the beach, where you just have to park your bike and continue around 1 minute on foot to the beach. Anse Severe is a pretty little white sand beach lined with palm trees and with granite boulders.

It started to rain heavily, so we only took a look and a few photos at Grand Anse, which looked stunning even under heavy tropical rain. We couldn’t refuge during the rain because our boat was about to leave so we had to took a bike ride in the rain to make it on time at the port. It would have been fun if I would’t be worried for the equipment, I had camera, drone and the phone in the bag. But with all that we It seems that the big beach towel I had it was enough to protect them from the water.


All famous places are very crowded and I try to look for unique experiences, more personal light and I always search spots that are still beautiful but not very popular. I think anything made by nature is incredibly beautiful, just some spots are more popular than other ones. We took a ride bike in this little jungle, it was wonderful and unique. In this little jungle live cows and giant tortoise. We don’t have this in Europe, it’s not a everyday experience and we enjoy this as much as we can.  

What makes this place so incredibly special is not just the pristine beauty or underwater life, but also the locals which are always nice and warm.

Bike rides among gorgeous palms
The giant tortoise of Seychelles
Port of la Digue

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