Siquijor itinerary for 1 day

Siquijor Island is an epic, postcard tropical island of the Philippines. We stayed here only one day. Short but sweet. There are many awesome things to do and see including amazing waterfalls, white sand beaches, scooter rides and many other things, depending on how long you stay on the island.

In our short stay on the island we managed to do some cool activities and I will share with you in this short travel guide about Siquijor Island.

how to get to Siquijor

Siquijor Island does have an airport, but flights are pretty expensive. Luckily there are other ways to get here. We took a flight from Manila to Dumaguete and once you’re in Dumaguete, you can book a 50 minute ferry to Siquijor for the price of 250 Pesos, online or at the port. I recommend the OceanJet ferry as they are fast and reliable. If you are coming from another island, there are ferries also from Cebu, Bohol and Negros.

how to move around

The best way to get around Siquijor is to rent a scooter, which costs around 350 Pesos per day. But because we were so short on time and we needed to move around really fast and we rented a car with driver.


Paliton Beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in Siquijor for its palm tree fringed shoreline and the dreamy sunsets. There is not too much to do, but swimming in the ocean, lay in a hammock underneath the coconut palms, take as many photos as you can and play with dogs, cats and.. chickens, yes there are many chickens in Siquijor.

how to get there

It’s located in the main tourist area of San Juan, so it is very easy to access. This beach is just the one you see in magazines, with tall palms in the background, white sand and tree swings tied to bent palms where you can swing out over the water’s edge!

If you want to spend the day here, there’s no need to get too far away from the beach to have lunch, because there are a few oceanside cafes and beach bars dotted along Paliton Beach serving up cold brews and delicious meals.

This beach is also perfect to watch a Heavenly sunset, because here you can catch some awesome ones! This beach is an absolute dream and if I would have spent more time in Siquijor, for sure I would have spend a whole day here.


This waterfall is the most visited spot in Siquijor and mostly because of the big Instagram promotion. No wonder so many people chose to visit this place, as soon as you’ll see it you’ll be mesmerised by its clear blue waters and the jungle around it. Don’t worry if you are not a good swimmer, the water level is not deep. There is also a rope tied to a tree for those who want to swing and jump into the water!

Being such a famous spot, it wasn’t as busy as we expected when we visited that morning. We paid 50 Pesos for unlimited swings on the rope and spent a good time just hanging around. There is also a place where you can change your clothes, in the right side after you go down to the stairs.

the island of witches

The past of Siquijor is very interesting and magic. The island is also known as the island of witches and witchcraft. All these believes started because some people were practicing healing procedures and peoples imagination started to fly, making it all these stories. But it is fun to hear what people one day believed.

Apparently, it’s still possible to find healers on the island and there are even a few broomsticks around just for fun. Our guide took us to this place where they had everything ready for a nice photo with the broom. So fun!


I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this short travel guide to Siquijor island. Even if it was a short visit, it is better than not going and I will also use it as an excuse to go back. I also wanted to show that even with little time you can do plenty of things, if you want to.

We spend more time on other islands in the Philippines and there is plenty of information to share about. Just stay tuned for my next blogs about the Philippines, I bet you’ll find something you didn’t know existed!

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  1. looks wonderful


    1. Madeleine says:

      thank you, glad you enjoyed it

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