3 Days in Fuerteventura

Every person who knows me was surprised when I said I will visit Furteventura, because the island looks literally like Mars and is true that I prefer green forests, lush jungles, colourful flowers, but I like and want to explore all the places on this beautiful planet. It’s a super cool feeling being here, like being on another planet!

Maybe it’s not very appealing at the first glance, but Fuerteventura is a destination with plenty of cool places to explore. The island has more things to see and than just laying down at the beach.

In this blog post I will share some of the best beaches in Fuerteventura, the stunning road trip you can do around the island and some fascinating landscapes. The island is not super big, so with 3-4 days you have quite enough to see many places and do plenty of stuff.

renting a car in Fuerteventura

I recommend you renting a car in Fuerteventura because is easier to move around, having the freedom to stop where you want, when you want and that way you don’t depend on public transport.


While getting into the island, you can stop here and there to many of the viewpoints on the island to enjoy stunning views. The landscapes are picturesque and you can find some really charming villages, beaches to look at from a hill.

beaches in Fuerteventura

There’s no doubt that one of the greatest things to do in Fuerteventura is simply enjoying one of the many awesome beaches. I will share with you my experience at some beaches we’ve visited during our visit. There’s plenty of beaches to see, all of them beautiful with long stretch of beautiful golden sand, which seem to come out of a dreamy postcard.


I recommend you to visit Cofete beach for so many reasons. One of them is that at the entry at the beach you are greeted by cute squeals and tropical birds. I mean, how many times you get to see that! Super cool! The birds probably escaped from some ZOO and now they live there.

It’s quite usual to find windy weather at this beach but when the sea is not wavy, it is great for swimming. The beach is perfect for a walk, swimming and also great for kite surfers. In case you decide to for for a swim I recommend you to be careful since the currents are very tricky and dangerous, even if it might seem tranquil. This is a very beautiful secluded beach and it’s hardly getting crowded.


Kilometers of magnificent immaculate sandy beach, where it is good to enjoy life by the sea. Even though this beach is very known among tourists, it’s not crowded at all and we visited in July when it’s peak season. This place is ideal for everyone and the water is usually calmer than in the west coast of Fuerteventura, but that day it was very windy. Matorral beach it is located in the northern region of Fuerteventura, surrounded by the ocean bathed in sunshine all year round. 

wind, wind and more wind

The sand is white and the sea is crystal clear. However, you must know that some part of the beach are designed for practicing water sports, such as windsurfing and kitesurfing, because when it gets windy is very windy, we tried to fly the drone but was hard to lift not even 2 meters from the ground.


This is one of my favourite spots on the island, one of the highlights of Fuerteventura with an impressive landscape: black volcanic mountains on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. It’s impressive the huge peak of the extinct volcano and the old lavascapes making it a lunar looking landscape.


Huge sand dunes of maritime origin form an extraordinary landscape on the seaside. This must be one of the most impressive spot on the island. It’s quite interesting to step on sand dunes with the sea in front.

Relax between the sea and dunes

In this part of Fuerteventura you can find many beaches between the sand dunes of Corralejo and the sea. Depending on what you prefer, you can chose between more equipped beaches, where you have restaurants and sun beds,  such as Grandes Playas de Corralejo or you can also enjoy more secluded virgin beaches such as Playa Alzada or Playa del Moro.

Climbing a large sand dune to enjoy wonderful views

The Corralejo Natural Park contains sand dunes, some of them are up to 50 metres tall and climbing one of these large sand dunes is awesome. From the top you can enjoy amazing views of the coast with beautiful golden sand beaches. 


La Oliva is a small village but you can still enjoy some nice activities. If you are in the village maybe you should visit wind-mills Molinos De Villaverde nearby. While you make your way to the windmills you must be careful, that the road is bumpy and dirty. So, is better to leave the car next to the main street and walk to the windmills.

thoughts about Fuerteventura

Although we haven’t spent that much time on Fuerteventura, we managed to do plenty of things and visit lot of places. The place looks like the photos NASA shares with Mars, so being on the island it makes you feel different, giving you the feeling that you are on another planet.

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