Milos : a lunar landscape

Milos has become more and more famous in the past years. But the reason I wanted to visit Milos was not its latest fame but my curiosity to explore Greece as much as I can. In the past 3 years I explores more than 9 Greek islands. As you’ve notice I rarely repeat, because the planet has many stunning places to discover and I just love the feeling I have when I explore a new place. If you dream with traditional Greek charm and hospitality, dazzling blue waters, delicious local cuisine, picture perfect villages and a variety of crazy landscapes, this is the dreamiest island getaway.


We arrived to Milos from Naxos by ferry, it took 3 hours and 30 minutes for us to arrive to Milos. Milos port is very well connected with Athens or almost any island in Greece. We arrived at midnight so we took a taxi to get to the hotel. Depending from where you’re coming from, the island has an airport too with direct flights to and from Athens and many other islands.

move around the island

You can rent a car or a quad, depends what you prefer to. We opted for a car rental to get around the island. The quad is a great option too as the island is not that big and not crowded at all and the roads are good for driving.


What makes this island to sand out is of course because of the stunning moon like landscape beach of Sarakiniko. This is for sure one of the most unique beach I’ve ever stepped to. It’s made of lava that’s been bleached by the sun and sea, just wow!

It’s amazing how much the light changes the water colour and the beach itself throughout the day. At sunset the golden light makes the water shimmer and the sky turns pink, then as the sun becomes brighter the light starts to hit the rocks so much that you can barely can look at and the water turns turquoise making you think that you are in the Caribbean. Sarakiniko is for sure some if the most surreal places on Earth. I haven’t been on the Moon but it made me think like I was there, I somehow felt like I’ve been visiting an alien world. It’s awesome!!

It’s no wonder that this beach is one of the most photographed place in the Cyclades. It’s been the setting for countless professional fashion or blogging photo shoots, with the stunning eroded volcanic ash, sandstone in the background.

cliff jumping

If you are a brave person, than I am sure you’ll dare for some cliff jumping off the rocks into the deep waters below. And the other ones, like me will just past the time walking around the beach or normal swimming.

Welcome to the moon
Incredibly fascinating


What I liked the most about Milos is how quiet and peaceful is, for sure a place far from crowded but yet full of treasures. We found this place with the cutest kittens on our way to the beach, it was hard to resist not to cuddle this cuties and we easily spent there a few hours. I mean, you don’t find every day a mommy cat with 4 kittens. Of course we fed them too, I think I haven’t told you yet, but anytime I come to Greece I bring cat food. I’m crazy I know! But why not? We all know this country is very cat friendly and I like when I stop to pet a cat to also give her some food.

Cats in Greece is an iconic thing already. You can feel them purrrring when you’re having lunch and they even ask for food, that’s to funny, you can see them having a nap in the flower pots, they’re everywhere in Greece. They are stray cats but it seems that people take care of them. Many of them are in very good health, they are sterilised, you can see food and water here and there and I’m pretty sure they are vaccinated too. Judging by their lack of fear for people it seems they are treated with love and care.

We had so much fun with the kittens
I’m melting when I see that cute face


This village port area is on the small side and only offers a few restaurants. We stopped here to have lunch. We ate at a restaurant called Marianna where it serves delicious traditional Greek food. The restaurant faces the sea, a pretty view to enjoy when you eat. It is quiet and also has a small beach down the cliff.

Cute details


This small beach is actually a natural pool surrounded by spectacular rock formations and natural caves. Papafragas beach is a must see in Milos. It’s quite nice to swim in the idyllic waters and then to explore the amazing caves. I have to say that Milos has some of the strangest and unique beaches in the world. It’s quite an experience to visit this amazing island.

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