What to do in Zakynthos

Zakynthos or Zante how the locals affectionally call it, is an island in the Ionian sea known by many of us for its fascinating lush forests, mountains and turquoise waters. Each time I visited Zante I was in a rush and this time it wasn’t different. I spent here only 1 night, maybe next time will be more time. We arrived on a late afternoon by airplane and left the island next day by ferry. But we still made time to see some of the most famous spots in Zante.


Off course we had to see Navagio from above and the views are splendid. This is s great opportunity to take a nice shot from the top of the cliffs. We got here by car. From the parking lot you have to walk for 20 minutes to get to this spot. There are not to many people because it’s not super easy to get there, but it’s not hard nighter, but some people don’t want to walk to much and they chose to see the beach from the place where they park the car. Getting here it’s totally worth the effort because the views will mesmerise you and at the same time will give you chills to the bone.

boat rides

If you want to lay down on the beach it is possible to get there by boat, which I did when I first I here, but this time all the trips to the beach where canceled due to weather conditions. There are many boat options. In case you can do the boat ride, you can take a tour with a group, or private boat where you’ll have a captain or you can sail yourself if you want to. Or if you are full of courage you can get at the beach ski diving.

Greece is the best option if you want to see turtles in Europe. Zante is home to Huge Caretta turtles and can be spotted while snorkelling or on a boat. Best months to spot then is during the breeding season from mid May to early October. You can opt for a glass bottomed boat tour and then you just have to enjoy the magic of being so close to them.

moving around

I highly recommend you to rent a car or a quad because in Zante the public transport system is not working very well and you’ll be very limited on places to visit and time.


A pretty awesome and popular way to move around the island is by quad. Quad experience is pretty cool and also very practical giving you the freedom to move better in traffic or when it comes to parking. Zante has many rocky roads so maybe you’ll have to slow down when driving but it is way better than a car when driving on this type of roads.

rent a car

Because of the little time we spent here we opted for a car rental. We had the luggage carrying all the time and of course it the best option. We rented the car on the internet a few days of our arrival. As I told you before we came by airplane so we picked up the car at the airport. You can rent the car the day you arrive but sometimes it seems they run low on cars, so to be sure you have a way to move around maybe it’s better to rent it before.

The cloud shape is not photoshopped

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