Blooming season

Spring is in full bloom! We are enjoying the warm days, we are spending more time in nature and we are just having fun. I am thinking about those sunset picnics, walks in the park, I’m planning spring travels, but I have many plans at home too. There are so many things we can do and in this blog post I will share a few awesome ideas for this spring.

wild flower photoshoots

As the days are longer and warmer nothing is more awesome than enjoying the first blooming of the trees. But what would be spring without those colourful flower fields? I’m always on the hunt for the flower fields. Whether it’s one that is known by everybody, or it’s a random field of wild flowers, I am so happy anytime I find one! I have so many ideas, of myself posing, or taking some macro shots, or to the whole landscape.

But it is not only about the photos, which I enjoy a lot taking, but also about the time spent in nature. Is the amazing smell, the tranquility, the great memories we make.

romantic days spent in blooming nature

We can also enjoy nature in the city. In Madrid they have this romantic park called Retiro, a place perfect for visiting in any season, but I have to say that in spring is at its best. There are so many things to do, from having picnics on the gras, or taking a romantic boat trip on the little lake that is in the middle of the park, full of ducks and fish, to visiting the many inside gardens full of flowers like roses, hydrangea.. it’s so romantic!

some indoor time

If you have a terrace, then I’m pretty sure redecorating it in spring is in your plans, because there is nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee in our own place, with our pets, or reading a book, surrounded by colourful flowers.

So, for me it is very important to have the terrace as beautiful as possible, also because we live in a big city, where there is no nature. That means the balcony is like a peaceful refuge with flowers, veggies and other plants to grow and some birds visiting from time to time. I also add a few cute decorations to make it even more cozy.

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